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Texas Trial Lawyers - Will Contests and Estate Challenges

Houston Estate Trusts Will Contests & Probate Litigation on Contingency 


 Wills Probate Estate & Trust Litigation  


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Challenges to Estates, Wills and Trusts:

In many cases, the decedent (testator/ Settlor) lacked their full mental capacity;  i.e. senile, delusional,  or of unsound mind at the time the purported “Will”  (Trust or beneficiary form) was “executed” (signed)

  • Lost” original Will (no original Will can be found)
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s of the Testator (decedent)
  • Misappropriation of Estate or Trust Funds 
  • Fraud in the making of the Will  (instrument/ form) such as forged documents 
  • Coercion of the Testator (decedent)
  • Changes to life Insurance Beneficiary
  • Undue Influence on the Testator


  • Testator Lacking Mental Capacity to make a Will
  • General Senility – unable to take care of themselves
  • Forged signature
  • Altered beneficiary Forms
  • Elder Abuse used to make Will Changes 
  • Changes in the Beneficiaries of Financial Accounts

  • Pretermitted child (born after the Will)
  • Child Born out of wedlock
  • Predatory Family or “Friends” taking advantage of the decedent
  • “Twilight” Marriages (large age differences between spouses)
  • Children born from another marriage
  • Alcohol & Chemical dependency issues


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