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Texas Inheritance Dispute Lawyer 

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Texas Will Contests & Estate Inheritance Fights - Trust Fund Disputes

Estate Inheritance Disputes - Will Contests - Trust Dispute Litigation - "Busting" Trust Funds - Life Insurance Disputes - Will Challenges - Probate Fights & Disputes Free Consultation - Over 20 years of Experience & Expertise and Working on Contingency - Numerous Million dollar recoveries
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Houston Estate – Trusts – Will Contest – Lawyer

Large Estate Fights – Contingency or Hourly Lawsuits

Fighting for your Inheritance Rights & Family’s Legacy – Free Consultation


We are based out of Houston but can takes cases all over Texas & United States.

Don’t Automatically fear “No Contest Clause” & Forfeiture Clause in a Trust – Good faith usually prevails

We have the confidence & competence and over twenty years experience to obtain the results that you need

Estate Inheritance Fights for the Family Business, Land, and Oil & Gas Rights

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 Case Types:

Will Contests – Fraud – Forgery – Lacking Capacity – Undue Influence – Duress – Diminished Capacity

Will Contests over Senility, Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairments

Will Challenges – Construing the Will’s meaning or terms or provisions

Will Challenges and life insurance disputes over inclusion of former Ex Spouse 

Surviving Spouse’s Estate inheritance rights

Children & Adopted Children’s and Grandchildren’s Estate Rights

Breach of Fiduciary Duty by Executor or Trustee in the respective management of an Estate or Trust.

Challenges to Trusts and/or their terms

Trust Revocation; Trust Termination & Trust Construction

Trust & Trust Fund Litigation to Revoke and Terminate unnecessary or improper Trusts

Busting & Breaking Trusts

Houston Inheritance Dispute Law

Fiduciary Litigation  (Power of Attorney abuse – stealing money from loved ones)

Estate Litigation disputes of the beneficiary designation such as Retirement Accounts & Life Insurance

Life Insurance disputes over designation beneficiary changes and inclusion of ex spouses 

Disputes on changes on Payable on Death accounts and Transfer on Death accounts

Seeking Hidden Assets from a Divorce such as Bitcoin or Offshore Accounts in Panama or Swiss

Lost Assets in Estate such as Bitcoin / Offshore Accounts/ other Lost Property

Succession Estate disputes over Family Business, Ranch or  Oil & Gas Royalties

Fights and searches over Foreign Assets and Real Property assets abroad 

Abaza Law PLLC- Houston - Will Contests Probate Estate Disputes Trust Fund Disputes Estate Challenges

At Abaza Law PLLC, we are dedicated to providing effective legal representation for will contests, probate estate disputes, trust fund disputes, and estate challenges.

With over 20 years of experience, our expert team is committed to fighting for your inheritance rights and protecting your family’s legacy. Whether you need assistance with estate inheritance fights, “trust busting”, or breaking trusts, we have the confidence and competence to obtain the results you need.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you navigate the complexities of estate litigation. Trust the experienced trial lawyer, Nicholas Abaza, to handle your Will contests and challenges.  

We can navigate around “NO CONTEST” clauses.  Stay in touch with us and follow our updates on social media. Visit our Houston office located in the Rice Village near the Medical Center, or call us at 713-965-3400.  We are here to help and fight for your inheritance!

Attorney Nicholas Abaza - Trial Lawyer - Case Types

Will Contests – Challenge No Contest Clauses

Will Challenges – Fraud – Undue Influence – Capacity

“Busting Trusts”

Dispute Life Insurance beneficiary changes

Widow’s Rights in an Estate

Common Law Spouse Rights in an Estate

Breech of Fiduciary Duty in the Estate or Trust

“Slayer Rule”  Wrongful Death against Estate Beneficiary



Recent Successes
  • 23’ in Harris County “Busted a Trust” with over 3 million recovered in a settlement due to alleged undue influence on behalf of a son against his step-mother              
  •  22’ in Harris County settlement of over 2 million on behalf of disputed alleged common law spouse in an estate dispute

  •  23’ in Harris County challenged a Will on behalf of a life long companion for over a million dollar settlement over alleged forgery and disputed copy of Will

  •  23’ in Harris County challenged a Will on behalf of grandchildren for over a 750k settlement due undue influence and capacity

  •  22’ in Victoria County settlement of over 1.5 million on behalf grandchildren over Estate Dispute related to Oil & Gas of alleged breech of Fiduciary duty by  executor

  •  22’ in Dallas County settlement of over 500k on a Will Contest on behalf of estranged daughter against her step-mother for lack of capacity and undue I influence related to her father’s purported Will

  •  21’ in Harris County – part of trial team that successfully challenged a Will in 10 million plus dollar estate for alleged lack of capacity and undue influence

  •  21’ in Dallas “busted a trust” in a settlement with over 8 million recovered related to undue influence

  •  21’ in Harris County settled for over 500k in challenging a purported Will on behalf of son against his step-father due to lack of capacity and undue influence over his mother’s Will

  •  21’ in Dallas area recovered 500k in a settlement over disputed copy of a Will for a daughter against her step-mother over her father’s will due to alleged lack of capacity

  •  21’ in Matagorda County over 500k recovered in settlement in “Busting a Trust” and challenging a Will for a grandson

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