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“Twilight marriages,” “predatory unions” also known as late life marriages by persons suffering dementia and disability are becoming more common.

In general the elderly can be a vulnerable population.  The wealthy elderly, however, are even more at risk to fraud.   Sadly, it is not uncommon to hear horror stories of an elderly parent who marries their caretaker only to have their life savings steadily funneled to unknown sources, discovered only by family members after the death of the elderly

It is often difficult enough to entrust an elderly parent’s care to someone you hire.  Worse yet, what do you do when that “worker” uses an ill gained power of attorney or secretly marries their ward—and claims the inheritance?

“Predatory Unions,”  seem to be on the rise as life spans increase and dementia becomes more common.

Dealing with Twilight marriages can be difficult to avoid.  What can the family do? The consequences can be devasting.  Texas has no particular statutory method of unwinding  twilight marriages. Placing an elderly parent under a guardianship before such a marriage occurs is an option, albiet expensive.  Trusts can often work if trustee is not the ward.